#12DaysofGlow | Jurlique Rose Collection Review

My obsession with rose products has been well document here over the years, but never have I fallen for, not just one product but a whole collection. I recently discussed my winter skin saviours and how I have to look after my skin this time of year but after switching up my routine slightly I had to do an updated post.

My morning skin care routine is usually a simple one that isn't too time consuming so I enjoy introducing products that are intensely hydrating but absorbs quickly and are easy to apply.

Jurlique is a high end natural skincare brand originating from Australia and when I was asked to be apart of their #12DaysofGlow Campaign I was delighted. I had already fallen head over heels with their Purely Bright Eye Correcting Cream you can read more about that here.

The products were sent to me in a luxuriously packaged box with a stunning design. I felt Christmas had come early. I was excited to get started and luckily that day I hadn't actually been up for long when the postman arrived so I rushed off to the bathroom and went about my morning routine, substituting my regular products for the following.

I'm rather particular when it comes to my daily moisturiser as I find some can really weigh down my skin and make it look dull if it's too heavy. So when I opened up their Revitalising Gel-Lotion I was intrigued by its texture. It was a cross between a gel and a cream and at first I wasn't a fan, but as soon as I worked it into my skin I could tell instantly this product was intensely nourishing and non-greasy. I was surprised at how quickly it absurd and how hydrated my skin felt. 

This product is bursting with natural ingredients which boast great benefits. Rose has the ability to fight inflammation, restore skin texture and also helps treat minor irritations. Green Tea is also another ingredient that fights inflammation so this product can be used to fight acne prone skin or skin that is dry or people who suffer from skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Rocacea. 

Using this as a daily moisturiser I have seen noticeable improvements in the plumpness of my skin and I haven't needed to use my exfoliating cleanser as much. 

At this time of the year I've recently noticed that half way through the day my skin needs a boost, especially if I'm out and about. And instead of reapplying I've been dying to find something that will liven up my look. Having said that I have always been reluctant to use a face mist, as the thought of spraying something over my make up was a slightly strange concept. The mist is an instant boost and if nothing else gives me almost an energy boost. The scent takes me back to my great-grandmothers wash bag, there is nothing artificial about the rose scent and its soft and delicate. 

It's surprising how quickly Rosewater Balancing Mist absorbs into your skin and I think it's perfect for a winter boost of hydration. 

Finally, the most important part of my skincare routine this season has to be a good quality lip balm. As a lipstick lover I have to keep my lips smooth and hydrated otherwise you find your lipstick will crack and look awful. I apply lashing of lip balm at night before bed and then in the morning I use a scrub to buff away dead skin. This product is limited edition so I will have to make sure I'm stocked up.

As a high end skincare brand, Jurlique's prices are on the high side but their products are high quality and last forever. They're definitely an investment product.

Jurlique have kindly sent me some items from their baby range which I can't wait to review as soon as Baby Belle makes an appearance in March.

What natural beauty products have you been using this season?

Laurie Rose 

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