want need wear read #2

want need wear read

In this weeks edition of want, need, wear, read I have a list of diverse items - some are new finds and others are things I have had my eye on for a while. All of which I would most definitely would say I need.

This month has been a struggle for us all. Let's face it, January is the most depressing time for everyone. As a student, loan day feels like Christmas but after you pay the bills and treat yourself a little it's soon gone. So my wish lists are all I have right now.

I'm probably the worlds biggest fan of Korres. Literally every product of theirs I have tried is to die for, I have reviewed their Guava Lipstick you can find the review here and their 24 hour moisturising & brightening cream you can find that here.

Of course every blogger NEEDS a new camera lens every once in a while and after reading Carrie's blog post over on wish wish wish about photography, she's made me want it even more. I believe this one is better for more detailed shots with a blurred background, that's the effect I'm after so if any of you out there know more about these things than I do, your expert knowledge is gladly accepted.

As for the book I've chosen this week, it's one I don't really know a lot about, only that I have read some reviews and they look great. Also I love the cover image, absolutely stunning image.

And last but by no means least has to be a dress, as you all may know (or not) I only ever wear dresses. I don't even own a pair of jeans, weird I know, it's just something about jeans that doesn't agree with me. I like to be comfortable and when your a plus size girl, jeans just don't come under the category 'comfy' for me.

I hope you guys like this new series and I would love to know what you would pick for your want, need, wear, read.

Laurie Rose


  1. That dress is stunning! I don't think I could pull it off but you'd look lovely in it. Great picks!

  2. What's that camera lens called? I'm after a more blogger friendly one as well and don't have a clue where to start!

    1. It's called the Nikon AF-S 35mm f1.8 G DX Lens I saw it on another blog and it looks great :) xx

  3. I love the idea of this series! So much more original than a wishlist
    Would you mind me using the idea if I link your blog?


    1. Hey! Of course use a way, just give me a sneaky mention and link back to this post would be great :) xx