Homeware Essentials

I have been longing for my own space for a while, as much as I love Momma Rinse I'm getting on a bit and living at home is no longer cool. I do have plans to move but it's just taking a little bit longer than I was hoping. In the mean time I can scour the web for wonderful homewares. Here are just a few items that have caught my eye over the last few weeks.

At the moment I am loving H&M and Ikea and all these items are from their online shops.

When it come to decoration, I love my rooms to be a blank canvas. White walls and colourful accessories.

Momma Rinse and I took a trip to Ikea the other day, it was nice to get away for a day and do something a bit different; even if we did argue the whole way. (Issues with the SatNav)

I know every well respected beauty blogger has these tall Alex draws from Ikea and I'm not one for following the crowd but they're awesome. And having seen them in the flesh, I love them even more.

I hate bright lights and ambience is everything, don't you think? So lighting is very important to me. This standing lamp from Ikea is slim-lined and perfect for next to my desk. Oh I've been praying to the money Gods for weeks and still nothing. When will I dig myself out of this financial black hole?

I thought this little bunny-rabbit ceramic trinket box was so adorable and it's a steal from H&M at just £6.99. I thought it could serve a purpose on my desk.

I'm also a fan of white linen on the bed so I thought these frilly edged pillow cases would add a pop of pastel to cheer the place up a bit. They remind me of the pillow cases I had as a child. Can't help but love a spot of Nostalgia.

And finally I was in love with this shower curtain, it's colourful but not over the top, but having now seen in in Ikea I'm not too sure I like it as much. It my have just been the showroom I don't know. I might just give it a go anyways.

I have a job interview this week, so keep everything crossed I get it, and then I can finally move out (Sorry Momma love you)

Laurie Rose


  1. I'm seriously lusting over the Alex drawers too, they just look so handy!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. I am dying to go to an Ikea to get lots of new furniture. There isn't one new me :( but i have been promised by the boyfriend that he will take me when we move xxx


  3. Aw the bunny trinket box is adorable! Lovely pieces :)
    Jayde x


  4. the curtain prints is so cute!! great choices..

    xo josephine

  5. I'm looking to move out soon and really want the Alex drawers! Cute pillow too.

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic