want need wear read | #1

Today I'm launching a new weekly feature on Blue Rinse. Want, need, wear, read doesn't really need a lot of explaining. I'm forever longing to spend spend spend but we can't always splash out, so it's nice to dream.

This week I am featuring a few items that have been on my radar for a long time. Most things are inaccessible to me as I'm a poor freelance journalist/student so the shopping fund is near enough none existent; one can only dream.

I figured this would be a way of sharing items without having to physically buy them.

I have been eyeing up Eat by Nigel Slater for months, I was hoping to get it for Christmas but unfortunately it wasn't to be. I love cooking and more than that I love eating so I'm hoping I can save up some pennies to purchase this ASAP.

I'm moving house in the next few weeks and I love having a magazine rack near my desk, this one from Ikea is simple but will look great on the wall in my office.

I don't know whether you've heard of the brand Ganni, but they have been on my wish list for a long time. I found them on ASOS and now I'm obsessed. They are on the high end but these boots are just perfect. I have been slowly saving and I can't wait to don these beautiful booties.

And finally, unfortunately I can't get into any trousers from Topshop, which is such a pain, because I love these floral palazzo pants so much. I'm keeping everything crossed that in the next few months I will lose enough weight to get into something similar to these ones this summer.

Roll on payday.

Laurie Rose


  1. I love those boots! Perfection in shoe form! Thanks for letting me virtual shop, great picks!
    Donna x

  2. I love those boots! I got given that book last week for my birthday. I absolutely love Nigel Slater I swear his Real Food saved me through university! X