The Happiness Project | Review

I began this year with such good intentions. I am newly single and excited about the adventures I can now plan. I decided this year - instead of just talking about it - I would actually make positive, happy changes in my life. I told myself 2014 would be my year. I would look back and it will be the year I learned to like myself. I would only do things to make ME happy - not in a selfish, I'm the only person that matters kind of way- in a I need to address the issues I have about myself and work on smiling more.

I stumbled across this book the day I got dumped. It was an impulse buy. Picture this, I am in my Christmas pyjamas, I can hardly see through my tears, The Holiday is on the TV - in my opinion the best Christmas film there is - and I'm half way through a bottle of red wine. Amazon 'one click buy' has a lot to answer to most of the time but when this beautiful book landed on my door mat I knew that things were looking up. It was the cover that initially caught my eye, I finished it that night.

All of a sudden my break-up seemed a thing of the past and I began to re-evaluate my life. I looked at the wonderful things around me. My wonderful family, my patient friends, my life was great I just couldn't quite see it yet.

I started first by looking at my negative points - stay with me it gets happier. Why do men walk all over me and break my heart? Why do friends also walk all over me? Why do I nag? Why do I moan? Why isn't anything ever good enough? And then it clicked, I didn't like myself very much at all!

So I set out to make positive changes, I would concentrate on me, and only me for 18-months.

I bet you're all thinking, why 18-months, well I have figured out by my 26th birthday I want to have fulfilled all the things that will truly make me happy. I sat down with my Mum and brother and we came up with 25 things before I'm 26. Believe me it's harder than you think. I have obvious ones on there like travel more, save money, lose weight. But then I decided on things that would make me a better person. For example perform 25 random acts of kindness, learn how to swim, learn another language. All these things shape you as a person and by my 26th birthday I will like me again.

Like in The Happiness Project I will target something in my life each month that makes me unhappy, then at the end of said month I will tell you guys how it's all going.

So welcome to MY happiness project, I hope it inspires you to make positive changes too.

Let's make 2014 the year of happiness,

Laurie Rose


  1. Well, this has truly inspired me! Firstly, sending you huge amounts of hugs, because regardless what you think of yourself, I think you're wonderful. Secondly, I was reading it and nodding along without noticing, thinking, this is me. I am that same negative person, and whilst I have bursts of a positive nature there is way too much I dislike about myself. Definitely going to take a leaf out of your book and potentially buy that book!

    Thanks lovely xxx

  2. Rachelle18:22

    This has also inspired me..I wish u all the best..Im going to purchase this book.I thought I was the only 1 who didnt really like myself but hopefully I can change that..Time passes way too quickly and I wd love to live a joyful life everyday..thanks so much..ill b looking forward to your progress e as check month

  3. I love this post! Good luck on achieving everything and I hope 2014 is amazing for you! Regarding learning a new language, I found an amazing app called 'duolingo' that's a really easy way of learning a language, there's loads to choose from. I hope this can help!

  4. Cheers to that!

    Also, you look beautiful in the top photo. Love the lip color and the cat eye!

  5. This sounds like a very ambitious project and I hope you succeed :)

  6. Cant wait to see your review of this book! Have wanted to get it for a while! Good luck with the project! And sending you all the best wishes for it :)


  7. So pleased something good has come from a pretty rubbish time- such a lovely idea and I wish you all the best with this for the whole year! xxx

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