If you took to me like a gull takes to the wind...

Spring has finally sprung, for sure this time and I couldn't be happier. I get to wear pastels and open toe sandals at last, I'm not a huge fan of summer but this year I am very much looking forward to the exciting adventures my friends and I are cooking up. I have a pretty busy few weeks lined up what with Focus Wales and Creative International as well as starting my new job and having a mini break to Cardiff with my best girl Christy to see Ludovico Einaudi, I am officially fully booked. I love a good bargain and I managed to bag a hotel for £67 between us and cheap rail travel (this never happens to me usually) SO any sightseeing suggestion welcomed!

Dress - Vintage // Coat - Primark // Sunglasses - Vintage // Lips - Apocalips by Rimmel in Luna
A few days ago I also received a beautiful bouquet, it's not often I get flowers so I was excited when the Great British Florists got in touch and asked if they could send me their British Bouquet to review on my blog and I jumped at the chance. The bouquet included, yellow lilies, sunflowers, thistles (my favourite) vibrantly coloured tulips, which reminded me of my time living in Holland. They have lasted well so far and are still going strong and my kitchen smells delightful. 

With the glorious weather we have been having over the last few days, I thought I would treat myself to a light beige mac and I picked this up at my local Primark for only £25 and I'm very impressed with the quality.

If I have an local readers if would be great if you guys could make it to Focus Wales, it's a music festival in Wrexham that brings together local and international bands and there will be three full days of music and conferences throughout the town. I am very much looking forward to seeing the boy play with his band for the first time (I saw them play last year but I had a belly full of gin and have no recollection) at the beautiful St. Giles Church. It would be great if anyone could make it, come and say hello, I'm working the door that night so it would be lovely to meet new faces.

Laurie Rose


  1. I love the colors in the dress! It flatters you so well. Oh & also the lip color is so pretty also, I don't think we have Apocalips in the US sadly xx

  2. You always amaze me! Gorgeous dress and makeup :)x

  3. When I saw you were going to see Ludovico Einaudi in the UK I got mega excited, checked his website and he is performing 15 minutes away from me tomorrow night... and it's fully booked :( This has made me so depressed I adore him! Lovely post anyway


  4. You are one pretty lady and I love your outfit choice, so spring like! :) xx

  5. you are beautiful! I love that outfit on you. great colors.

  6. I really love the colours and pattern on your dress, very pretty!

    You do sound very booked up, nice though isn't it to have plans and things to look forward to!

    Beautiful flowers, I can see eucalyptus in there which has such a gorgeous scent (repels flies too)!! :D xx

  7. Hello hun. I really like your blog and it would mean a lot to me if you take a minute and check my blog. Thank you so so much, have a nice day,
    xoxo Nika


  8. nice look,you are so pretty ;)

  9. you look gorgeous in this dress! what blush are you wearing by the way? it looks natural and glowy!