all the pretty things that we could be...

Today we ventured out in the wintery weather for a little catch up in my favourite local. Wholesome homemade
meals mixed with a cosy atmosphere make this a perfect setting for the cold afternoon. The snow has fallen pretty heavy over the past few days, not the best when you have to go to A&E. Last weekend I somehow managed to burst a vein in my leg, which believe me is very painful, after having it all checked over it's starting to feel a bit better and I'm on the road to recovery, finally.
Just a little reminder that I am single and need a date for Valentines Day ha!
Momma Rinse enjoying a late lunch...

I am totally in love with my new Minnetonka moccasins they are so comfy and go with everything, not sure they are appropriate footwear for the snow but I can't get my welly boots on 'cos of my swollen leg.

Laurie Rose 


  1. I love cosy little places like this to eat...the place me and my bf favour is a greasy spoon which does The best curly fries. Still, it'll be nice to find somewhere a little more picturesque! x

  2. You look so cute, but I bet your feet were cold! x

  3. Cute pictures! & I love your bag and shoes!
    Living In Your Imagination

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