The Green People : Volumising Mascara

I have been a fan of The Green People for sometime ever since I discovered their cream cleanser (which is part of my daily skincare) ALL the products I have tried have the same intoxicating scent of geraniums which just happens to be my favourite. From the name of the company I really don't need to rabbit on about how green they are but this mascara is made without any nasties and of course hasn't been tested on our little fury friends. It promises to lengthen and volume and the new formula includes natural micro spheres which guarantees volume and it doesn't disappoint believe me. 

Being fair my eyelashes are none existent and I have contemplated having my lashes tinted but have always decided against it always at the last minute, something just doesn't seem quite right about putting a dye that close to my eyes. I have been using this in Black and the coverage is great and the wand applies without getting it all over my eye lid which I often find with volumising mascaras due to the fact the wands are so big. 
* The Green People : Volumising Mascara - £14.35
The wand is perfect for application and volumises from the root of the lashes instead of clumping at the ends. It equally applies and you don't need to spend hours in front of the mirror. Compared to some drug store mascaras you may feel it doesn't last as long. Once applied my eye lashes are covered but their not hard and this in my opinion is ten times better than having spider legs on your face, so for me I prefer this to other longer lasting mascaras.

I will definitely be purchasing this product and many other for their make up range.

Laurie Rose xo

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  1. I'm going to buy this next time I need a mascara! I have tiny eyelashes and I like that they're very animal friendly products! :) x

  2. Well other than mascara the products of Green People are really very good not only in terms of the quality but also they are so much inline with the current fashion demands.

  3. Anonymous12:09

    I'm a Green People fan too but have yet to try this! Love their night cream. Might have to give this a go! X

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Would you mind if we republished it on the Green People blog? Of course we will credit you.

  5. Thank you Alex, that would be wonderful :) please contact me via twitter when it's up so I can RT! @mybluerinse xx