Okay so I need to explain, I have allowed my rinse to fade over the last few weeks, this is due to the fact I have been working two jobs. I have been trying my very best to even have a social life right now and as this Thursday night is my very last night shift I am getting very excited about the new times to come. 

A month ago I was offered a job working at a magazine, exciting times!

So these are a few snaps from the last few weeks, working two jobs has been so hard so I haven't really been able to eat properly, just grabbing things when I can but I enjoyed making some homemade falafel balls with wedges. Daughter has really kept me going on long journeys, and of course the odd bit of thrifting is the perfect way to unwind on a day off.

Mint & ringlets, Falafel, Daughter, Haircut, Photoaday, Chilli eggs, Pretty gift shop, Second Home, Timeless, Thrifting with Momma Rinse.

You will also notice that Blue Rinse has a new domain which is also very exciting stuff you will now find my rinse residing at www.mybluerinse.com

Laurie Rose xo

ps what should my first youtube video be?


  1. Love your hair! :)

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  2. I loveee Daughter, they're fantastic x
    Sirens and Bells

  3. You have amazing taste in music! Great post x

  4. great pics,
    I really like your blog and your style, I´m following you :D
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