Three Ways : Vintage Head Scarves

To say I have an obsession with scarves is an understatement. When it comes to gift ideas my friends & family know if in doubt that a scarf is the only gift for me. My collection is large and varied, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small some are square, I have floral ones, plain ones commemorative ones. I have always used scarves to make a statement. 

My three go to looks are easy and will brighten up any hair style, whether you are popping to the shops or having a night on the tiles these will work for anyone, anywhere.

Style One.

This is my most used look, say if I'm setting my hair into pin curls after washing or I'm after the vintage housewife look I will use this. I prefer using a silk scarf for this look and it has to be on the larger size, depending on the size of your head. 
Step One : Fold your chosen scarf in half to create a triangle.
Step Two : Place centre point on top of your head.
Step Three : Warp around the back of your head and knot over centre point.
Step Four : Tuck in all loose bits.

Style Two.

For the second style you will need any small square scarf/bandana. I have probably been wearing this style the longest, because it is so easy to do and fun with the little bunny ears effect you can create.
Step One : Fold your chosen scarf in half to create a triangle.
Step Two : Keep folding your scarf over in half from larger end until you no longer have any scarf left. (I often press it quickly so it keeps its shape and is easier to tie)
Step Three : Wrap around your head when comfortable tie in a double knot. You can either leave the ends like I have done or tuck them in if they are a little long.

Style Three.

This one would rate easy on a difficulty score. It's pretty but simple to achieve. You will need a long scarf (long enough to wrap around your head at least twice) I mainly use this when I'm feeling lazy, if I am running late or I'm wading through mud at a festival. 
Step One : Wrap the scarf around the base of your head.
Step Two : Where the scarf meets just twist them once.
Step Three : Tie both ends together at the back and pin ends in place.

Laurie Rose xo