The Green Apple

An Apple a Day.

As soon as I stumbled into The Green Apple garden I instantly felt at home, I just had to take off my shoes and marvel at the green goodies surrounding me. I felt somehow I was safe from products filled with harmful chemicals, I knew we were all on the same page and I felt confident in the knowing that The Green Apple would be my new go to site, a place to find those committed to trading ethically.
Reading Mickey's (short for Michelle) About Us section, I began to create a picture, a friend was emerging right before my eyes, the enchanting layout and easy to use site is truly inspirational, taking a big step in her career I can see Mickey has injected her heart and soul into The Green Apple and this is certainly evident immediately.

The Green Apple only uses traders who are committed in trading ethically, embracing the world around them and finding greener ways for us to live. The Majority of the product are handmade, The Green Apple is giving the smaller business a chance to thrive.  

The Pocket Mirror is perfect for carrying around in your handbag, the art work has been created by Spanish artist depeapa. Her Etsy shop is a wonder and you have to see it with you own eyes to believe how incredibly talented she is. 

The delightful greetings card has been designed by a small company based in Nottingham, Freckle Face, Tania Lambert creates them from home using vegetable based inks. What is it that they say? Good things come in small packages, well this one is certainly small but still jam packed with quirks. 

I have such a silly sense of humour so as soon as I opened up the package and found this I was so excited, I adore Pug's. Mickey has her very own pug called Alfie and this is their little venture.

The attention to detail and personal touches made my The Green Apple experience one in a million.
I feel like Mickey and I have sat and shared a pot of tea and a slice of cake, this is a friendship I can only seeing growing and maybe one day My Blue Rinse might just grace the pages of The Green Apple ;)

Laurie Rose xx


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