My week in photos.

This week has been rather hectic, I started my new job and did my first shift, I had forgot what it was like to be a working girl. I seriously wish I could do this full time, I get so much from writing and reviewing for you guys, It's not just a hobby to me anymore it is much more. 
The wonderful feed back I have received lately is heart warming & has inspired me to keep going and build my blog more everyday. I have recently had some exciting opportunities to work with some great companies and blog for them, I would love to start guest posting on other blogs but I wouldn't know where to beginning, if you folks have any advice or would like to talk about guest posting please get in touch, it would make me smile.
I have so many reviews to post but I have been away for a few days at Martha's house so be prepared for an over load this weekend. I have just downloaded an app (disposable) for my iPhone & I am in love with it so here are some of the images I have captured lately!

I am still totally in love with my bargain boots, they are wonderful and so comfy 
Gingham heart garland.

Henry & Gracie, yes there is a armchair in the garden, having the carpet laid.

Kitty Treats.

How cute are these little painted figures.

The best thing I have discovered this week is ALCOHOL FREE Kopparberg, I can still enjoy the taste with out actually getting drunk. Oh in two weeks I have lost 7lbs from cutting out meat & alcohol. It is really making me feel so much healthier, I am really proud of myself.

Look how beautiful my boy is here, he always makes me smile.
How are your weeks treating you?

Laurie Rose xx


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    1. Thank you, I love them so much, I've got them in mustard too : p xxx

  2. I love your posts!! I love the effects on your photos too, must learn how to do that :P
    I have never seen alcohol free Kopparberg either! I started drinking the regular pear version for the first time since I was 18, and it brings back old memories :) But I may have to check out the alcohol free one :)

    7lbs from cutting out meat and alcohol! Thats amazing! Well done lovely :) You are stunning, but I know what its like to have goals, and to be well on the way to reaching them feels so good :)

    Hope youre well! :) x

  3. These are gorgeous pictures! Well done on losing weight, I'm trying to just eat healthily at the moment but I am considering cutting meat out too, as I'm constantly terrified of giving myself food poisoning and quorn and the like is much healthier! xxx

    1. I have been a meat eater up until 2 & a half weeks ago and I am so surprised how easy it ha been, it makes you think about what you eat, you become more aware of all the bad things you put into your body! I somehow have more energy too which is always a good thing :) xxxx

  4. Glad to hear you're doing good! I'm looking forward to the reviews you'll be doing. Good luck with all the work :)

    1. Hey, Thank you I have been working really hard and I also glad that it I paying off :)
      Check back over the weekend for more reviews :) xxxx

  5. Lovely photos. the boots look very comfy x


  6. I know what you mean, once you get involved in blogging you don't want to stop! :) it would be lovely if everyone could earn money from blogging, but unfortunately it's not so easy.
    Thes photos are adorable anyway :)

    Life is a romantic poem