Superdrug Colour Vibrance Hair Dye.

Well what can I say, on my monthly visit to buy blonde hair dye in Superdrug, a wave of impulsiveness took over me and I couldn't help myself from buy Mango Copper Burst, as you can imagine, it's bright it's orange & I am totally out of my comfort zone. I needed to give my hair a rest from the bleaching after removing my dreadlocks and I have always wanted to be a true fiery red head but have always been too afraid that I would regret it. 

I found this product really easy to use, great instructions but the one down side were the gloves, I much prefer the tighter latex gloves you sometimes get in home dye kits, but that is just me being picky. Application was easy benefiting from a longer nozzle than usual. I usually find the smell of hair dye overpowering but this one was less noticeable. After the 30 minutes of developing time I rinsed the dye off, shampooed then used the intensive conditioner provided which I should just add last for up to six washes (depending on hair length) which I was very pleased with considering the price, all this was only £3.99 I bought two boxes so I was able to dye my hair extensions too which I definitely needed.
I wanted bright and vibrant & that's what I got alright.

The condition of my hair before application was brittle and fly away, now it feels smoother and a lot thicker, I am still unsure of the colour but it will grow on me in time.
I would recommend this product to anyone, the range of colours available is amazing, it's suitable for vegetarians and Superdrug are also protecting our wonderful furry friends, big thumbs up!

Laurie Rose xx


  1. It's so pretty! I'm a huge red hair fan, wish mine would go this colour! x

  2. Definitely suits you! xx

  3. Anonymous23:52

    I love your hair!!!!!! I went red for a few months and it was so fun to be a redhead :)

    Mabel Time

  4. So weird! I stipped my hair on Saturday (it was a darker red) and I bought THAT exact hair dye to put on. But as it happens the stipped colour of my hair is pretty much the same as the dye so I've not used it yet. It really suits you! Stick with it! I wasn't sure of the dye as I've not used Superdrug's own - what a fab coincidence to come across it on your blog :) xxx

  5. ooo thankyou for posting this! i bought some hair dye last week hoping to go dark brown...didnt work, so today ive been out and bought 'dark auben' and not sure if i should have got a more gingery one, but i think i should be okay, you hair looks so lovelly!!!!

    thankyou for following my blog :D, ive just checked yours out as you came up on my GFC and am following you too :D, i love your style and you have great posts and cute photos :)