Hey Guys & Gals, 
Well haven't I had a productive day, well, Henry & I had a lazy morning, which is becoming a little bit of a habit, since neither of us are working at the minute, no news on the job, but I haven't lost hope just yet. I decided to expand my creations of knitted flowers into knitted bows, with no pattern to follow I went in blind. And I must say didn't do too bad for a first attempt.
I must say I'm rather impressed.

Tomorrow is Sunday and Henry is performing at an open mic night at Telford Warehouse in Chester, I can't wait to see him finally play and I also can't wait to give my new vintage (thrift) dress it's very first outting, all in all this weekend is shaping up to be a good one, lazy but good.

p.s Field Commander Listen to Henry, he's pretty good.

Laurie Rose x


  1. I will take one of those for my bday to :) wink wink.

  2. Laurie I NEED that mustard knitted bow. Love it. S.x x www.theraspberrybranch.blogspot.com / @stephanieloulou

  3. That bow is so cute, I love it.